Work Package 1

Project Management

Lead: seeconsult


CATALYST project management will be implemented by seeconsult, supported in coordination and administrative matters by FEEM. Objectives include overall coordination, administrative and operational management of the project.



  • Coordination of and communication with consortium partners, steering committee (SC) and stakeholder advisory board (SAB) including organisation of meetings associated with respective groups
  • Implementation of an efficient management system
  • Administration of the financial contribution of the Commission and management of the allocation of the contribution to the Contractors
  • Coordination of the reporting to the Commission based upon individual project partner reports
  • Supervision of the implementation of synthesis and dissemination activities and support partners in these activities.


1. Development and implementation of effective project management strategy and structures
2.  Carry out project management including internal coordination among partners and work package leads including consortium meetings
3: Communicate regularly and meet with project steering committee and stakeholder advisory board
4: Monitor and evaluate the project progress and results
5: Coordination of reporting to the Commission through interim report and final report
6: Carry out financial management including allocation of the Commission's financial contribution to partners

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